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A rather recent phenomenon of cryptocurrencies has undoubtedly shook the world of finance. Now, it is hard to imagine financial markets without the presence of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero and many others. A very promising and lucrative investment and trading solution for many specialists already!

Currencies Market


The most popular market exceeding turnover of 5 trillion US dollars per day. Although some currency pairs may be volatile, with little knowledge one is able to have a solid financial start with trading. All day round, 5-day a week availability, makes it a perfect choice for those willing to dedicate extra hours for trading.

Stocks & Shares


Perhaps the oldest and the most conservative investment solution available to the public for almost 300 years. With the current technologies, trading on companies' stocks and shares became even more profitable as allows for a quicker and more robust turnover without the lenghty processes in 'trading pits'.



While being a seemingly distant market for the most of investors, everyone regularly hears about prices of oil, gas and gold, being the most famous commodities. Although long-term investment in commodities can be lucrative with large sums, trading on such market provides one with profitable opportunities too.


Cryptocurrencies: although, there exist more than 1800 cryptocurrencies, the Company tries to minimise the potential risks by providing direct acces only to the most stable cryptocurrencies to trade. However, the list gets constantly updated and new instruments get added.

Currencies: please note that not all currency pairs may be available to trade, as the most polular ones by the trading volume take priority. Also, the availability of a particular currency is subject to stability and country-specific sanctions.

Stocks & shares: the market is comprised of publically listed companies of the first echelon, also known as the 'blue chips'. The list of available stocks get constantly updated, subject to the exchanges availability.

Commodities: the market is comprised of the commodities available at the accessible exchanges and the terms and conditions are directly affected by the exchanges in question.

MetaTrader 5 - Trading Platform

MB has chosen the most popular trading platform to help one achieve the most profitable trades. MB provides an exhaustive list of instruments and competitive market conditions, while Metatrader 5 platform offers fast execution and ease of access.

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