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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most popular questions

Meejer Brock (MB) Tech Group is a group of companies that has collaborated experience of professionals from a variety of industries to create the best trading platform that can accommodate the needs from unexperienced traders to the most sophisticated investors.

MB like most of the brokers around the world does not take anything from the Client’s profit, but rather earns on Bid-Ask Spread difference. What that means is that a Client can earn, for example, $1000 on a trade, but the broker will earn the same amount as if a trader earned any other amount, $10 for instance.

For you to join us, you don’t have to visit our representative, as you can register, consult and trade online.

Spread is the difference between Bid and Ask prices for an instrument at the same point of time, that is the difference between the prices that one can buy and sell an instrument. Spread is determined by the global demand and supply for an instrument and is lower the more the activity is.

There is no ready solution for one to trade profitably. There are numerous strategies and successful examples, but it is a very personal and individual approach that makes one’s trades profitable long-term. In order to deliver a personalized trading strategy, one must practice and excel theoretical understanding of the markets.

We take safety of our clients and security of the funds very seriously. As a result, we constantly review our security measures and consequently upgrade our hardware, software and technological solutions to be of the highest standard. All of the clients’ funds are therefore held in reserve in a segregated bank account with the highest security measures. In order to keep our clients safe online, we use a highly impenetrable SSL connection. Furthermore, our security measures also adopt 2-step authentication, behavioral software algorithms amongst many other features. Therefore, we not only keep one safe financially, but also secured from a technical point of view. However, we strongly recommend to change password on a regular basis, not to share personal information with third parties and to immediately consult a member of our team in case of any suspicions in regards to security.

Metatrader is world’s leading trading platform allowing to access any market type. Our company uses the newest version of the Metatrader platform, giving even more accuracy, speed of execution and convenience to the clients. This powerful tool is simple to use, that is why we do not require any additional software or specialized equipment.

In order to start earning with our company, one requires to take a few simple steps: 1) register online on the web-site filling out personal and contact information 2) upload the required documentation to verify the identity 3) download the Metatrader 5 platform 4) log in to the registered account and start trading!

Every trader is unique in their trading manner, using different approaches to risk/return, trading instruments, analysis and psychological approach. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that the use of both the fundamental and technical analyses can provide an overall understanding of the market and therefore lead to successful trading. Our specialists would be happy to help one learn how to use both of the methods to make sure you achieve the results.

Cryptocurrencies play a great part in today’s financial markets and we could no ignore or omit such financial phenomenon. One is able to choose from a great variety of cryptocurrencies to trade with us, however, we took the liberty to carefully pick only the most stable and developed ones in order to protect some of the less experienced traders.

Swap is the difference in central banks’ interest rates, which is vital when trading with leverage. Swap is otherwise determined as the commission accrued to the account for carrying an order over night from one trading session to the next.

There is plenty of information about trading online, however, it is often hard for a beginner to distinct valuable information from junk. Therefore, we have taken care of this and are proud to provide online tutorials and introductory education to the beginners and further guidance from our experts for those willing to gain a structured understanding of financial markets.

There is no particular education provided in a university of other educational institutions that could help one to trade. Therefore, there is no requirement for one to have a specialized degree in order to trade successfully.

We highly value loyalty since we believe it helps to take any business relationships to a different level. Consequently, we have developed a loyalty program for our clients that grants better conditions for those with larger trading deposits. Furthermore, we are able to partially or even fully cover the transaction fees associated with the depositing/withdrawing.

There are no hidden commissions when trading with us, however, it is important for one’s trading strategy to fully understand the instrument’s commission, swaps and spreads, as those are the direct fees payable when trading on a particular financial instrument. To find out the exact information and commission details, please refer to the trading platform instrument specifications.

For those clients willing to deposit, replenish or withdraw from their account using a credit or debit card or a bank wire transfer, associated fees may arise. The amount of those fees is not determined by us at all and are directly affected by the client’s country of residence, banks and otherwise payment solutions used in the process. However, in most of the cases, we are able to cover some if not all of the fees, depending on the nature of the fee and client’s account type. For further information regarding fees, please, consult your bank or card issuer.

The amount of time it takes for the funds to be successfully accrued to the account from the bank card or bank wire is hard to determine and is dependent on a number of factors. Yet, the general rule is that depositing/replenishing is usually processed from 2 hours to 2 working days and withdrawals take from 2 to 5 working days, subject to the client’s bank and local country regulations.

We only ask for the standard documents package to open a real account, which includes: an ID, proof of address and a proof of source of income. However, as part of the Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy, our members of support team may request additional information. Furthermore, please keep in mind, that our members of the support team, representatives or otherwise affiliated parties would never ask for your security details, such as passwords, PIN-codes etc. If anyone asks you for your security details, please immediately report to our support team.

Investment and trading on financial markets is not aimed at continually receiving some sort of dividends, but also at keeping the initial deposit and making ‘money work for you’. You are able to withdraw your deposit at any time in accordance with the standard withdrawal terms.

Once you earned on your account, the question of withdrawing arises. In order to do so all you need to do is log into the system online and choose the appropriate option to withdraw filling out the necessary information.

Meejer Brock represents a technological framework for traders of all levels and therefore provides access to different markets. Hence, the company itself does not trade on the clients’ funds, but rather provides a platform and corresponding services.

Since the client funds are safely stored in a segregated bank account, our partnering banks provide an interest rate which is accrued on a monthly basis to the equity amount at the end of each month. This happens automatically and can be seen in the accounts statement.

Financial markets are subjected to different time zones, or trading sessions in other words. Most of the instruments, like fiat currencies are traded 24 hours Monday to Friday, cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7 without any restrictions. However, depending on the time of the day, trading on a particular instrument may be unavailable due to the stock or commodity exchanges working hours i.e. NYSE is operational from 9:30 am Monday through 4:00 pm Friday (ET) etc. For exact time for a particular instrument, please see instrument specification in the trading terminal.

One of the appealing benefits of trading on financial markets is the lack of limitations in terms of the deposit requirements. Although some of the instruments may be unavailable due to insufficient funds, there would always be some instruments available to work with. However, it is vital to have reasonable expectations for profit, taking risks in consideration. Therefore, a larger deposit amount directly corresponds to larger profits and wider variety of instruments available and recommended to trade. Specifically, for this purpose, we have created a client loyalty program to give an additional indirect incentive to have a larger deposit.

We are keen to not only provide a quality service for our clients in terms of trading and investment opportunities, but also allow to take their skills to a different level. Therefore, we are proud to offer other ways of cooperating with us and become a trusted partner. Whether it is an online representative, a lead generating business, White Label agent or your own proposal – we are always keen to share profits with business-oriented individuals.